The Story Behind The Song: “That’s The Thing About Love”

The demo they played for producer Garth Fundis included a saxophone solo and Don Williams decided they should try to emulate that sound for “That’s The Thing About Love.” By chance, Jim Horn had just moved to town and had telephoned Fundis a couple of weeks earlier merely to introduce himself. Well, Jim’s timing was perfect and he was hired for the session.

Usually when horn players are brought in, they end up overdubbing the track. On this particular day, though, the musicians were all there in the studio together, preparing to lay it all down live. When Horn walked in, he excitedly said, “Are we cuttin’ live? Great!” On the third take, they had the song.

“That’s The Thing About Love” reached number one on Billboard’s country singles chart August 11, 1984, marking Don Williams’ 16th of his 17 chart-toppers. 

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