The Story In “Paper Rosie” By Gene Watson

The story of the song begins at a roadside tavern. Here the person who buys a paper rose from an elderly female vendor is the one relating the story. Shortly after that, he hears the ringing of bells and the singing of a choir. In a church nearby, he realizes that a funeral is taking place. When he hears the choir singing “Paper Rosie”, he becomes conscious.

The track implies that it was actually the spirit of the woman who sold him the paper flower. Through this track, we can see Watson’s talent. In the music industry, very few musicians can paint a picture in your mind just by merely singing. Once you hear Gene singing, you can easily picture the little old lady and her roses.

To reach this level is quite challenging. Yet, the only other singer that has done it is George Strait with his track, “The Chair”. To be able to paint a picture so vivid is a real talent or skill that few can reach. Gene Watson stood out way above the “singers” of today. Sad to say, these singers now do not know how to tell a story that is worth hearing.

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