Jessi Colter Shares Her Fond Memories of Waylon Jennings

A Side Only She can Reveal

In a recent interview with Colter, one of the most notable lines she said immediately is that “He (Waylon Jennings) is missed.”

She said that she would never find another man like him. The fact that he has given her a great life is just something that comes between the uncountable hours of happiness that he was able to share with her and his fans. Despite him being gone for 18 long years, she deeply expressed that her feelings remained unmoved and will continue to love him dearly.

But as Jennings’ fourth wife, she did not waver in her words about the first three wives. Blunt as it may sound, Colter said that his first relationships didn’t last because they don’t really understand him. She also recalled how they stood through thick and thin throughout their marriage.

Jessi Colter loves the smallest details about Waylon Jennings, the way he entertains her, the way he made her laugh, the way he inspires, and the subtle ways he shows his love. These memories, for Colter, still felt like they just happened yesterday.

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