Vince Gill and Amy Grant – A Redeeming Love Story

Vince Gill and Amy Grant – Wedding Day 

In a 1999 CCM Magazine interview, Grant shed light on the demise of her first marriage. “I didn’t get a divorce because ‘I had a great marriage and then along came Vince Gill’. Gary and I had a rocky road from day one. I think what was so hard—and this is (what) one of our counselors said—sometimes an innocent party can come into a situation, and they’re like a big spotlight. What they do is reveal, by comparison, the painful dynamics that are already in existence.” In getting married, Grant’s three children Matt, Millie, and Sarah combined into a blended family with Gill’s teenage daughter, Jenny.

The couple also welcomed their daughter Corrina into the family on March 12, 2001. “In our wedding pictures, all of the children are grim-faced and understandably so, because these were not their choices,” Amy shared with Good Housekeeping in 2007. “But from the start, Vince and I promised to love each other well, and in any home, blended or not, if the man and wife are loving each other well, you have a much better chance of parenting well.

Vince’s love has empowered me to be a better mom.” To make things easier on Amy’s younger kids during the big transition, Vince gave them space. “When we got married, he inherited an entourage,” Amy recalled. “I had three children who were living under the roof with a man who was not their father. They were 7, 10, and 12, so in the evenings Vince would recede — go read, watch a game — to let them have their familiar routine with me.

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