Vince Gill and Amy Grant – A Redeeming Love Story

Then slowly he entered the picture. But there isn’t one issue that comes up with the kids that isn’t discussed from every angle by Vince and me. The one thing you have to require in a family is that everyone is respectful. But you can’t require closeness. That comes in its own time.” Fortunately, Vince and Amy’s relaxed and level-headed approach their stepchildren and relationship helped the two families bond and unite into one big happy family. “When Vince and I got married,” Amy explained, “I knew the reality was when you’re putting two lives together, there is no riding off into the sunset. You show up with all of your baggage and all of your ghosts and all of your patterns.

Whenever you start over, you can feel like a stranger in your own life for a while. But you keep making choices toward building a life together. You can’t demand it of each other, and if it can be done overnight, it’s not worth anything. But after all these years, it’s so interesting — we’ve found our footing.” After over twenty years of marriage and raising five children jointly, Vince and Amy have struck a healthy balance while maintaining their independent careers. Now that’s something remarkable. We wish these two many more years of wedded bliss!

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