Alan Jackson and his wife Denise: Their love story

Alan and Denise started a family even as he was beginning to have some career success. He released his debut album, Here in the Real World, in February of 1990, and they welcomed their oldest daughter, Mattie Denise, on June 19 of that same year. Alexandra Jane “Ali” followed on Aug. 23, 1993, and Dani Grace was born on Aug. 28, 1997. As Jackson’s career fortunes continued to grow, he built a massive plantation-style mansion inspired by Tara from Gone With the Wind for his family, and from the outside, they appeared to be living a fairytale.

But the strains of Jackson’s career were weighing heavily on their marriage, and in 1997, Alan and Denise Jackson separated for several months before ultimately working through their problems in marital counseling and reconciling. Their period of separation helped inspire one of his most classic songs, “Remember When,” and the video for the song features the couple dancing through their cares as the world goes by.

Denise revealed in her 2007 book, It’s All About Him, that her husband had been unfaithful during the period leading up to their separation. She credited her newfound re-commitment to her Christian faith with helping to salvage their marriage.

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