10 Best Christmas Duets

Martina McBride, Elvis Presley and Kenny Chesney also make our 10 Best Christmas Duets list more than once. It’s been nearly two decades since the superstar teamed with a legend on “Pretty Paper,” which means an entire generation doesn’t know how great it is. Let’s fix that promptly.

Alan Jackson and Alison Krauss once paired up on one of Jackson’s most unique albums, but they also joined voices for an angelic cover of “The Angels Cried.” Watch the video below and look for a rare beard on the Hall of Famer. He must be keeping warm for the winter.

Do you have a favorite duet? If there’s something from the last few years you think is an all-timer, let us know about it in the comments section below or on social media. Great Christmas duets stand the test of time, but that does not mean songs that haven’t had that chance aren’t great. A true spirit of community is what the holiday season is all about, after all.

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