Patty Loveless + Emory Gordy Jr: Inside their Love Story

In 2001, the couple moved to the Georgia countryside to be closer to Gordy Jr.’s family. Their home is on 170 acres in such a remote area that cell phone reception is hard to come by — and Loveless often hikes with a gun in hand due to bears and coyotes.

“I had to say goodbye to 20 years in Nashville,” says Loveless. “Goodbyes are hard, but life is about changes.”

Gordy Jr. is the sole producer of Loveless’ records, and Loveless maintains that he does a good job of knowing when to treat her like his wife — and when to treat her like an artist.

“We’d come home, and I’d fix dinner, and then I would try to bring up a conversation on what was going on with the label that day, with management, whatever. He’d say, ‘Excuse me, my office is closed.’ And I’d look at him and go, ‘Oh, okay, got it,'” she explains. “But that’s us. It’s the same for me: If he goes on and on [about] something, I’m going, ‘Honey, my office is closed, sorry.'”

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