Who Are Johnny Cash’s Children and Where Are They Now?

Rosanne Cash

Rosanne, born on May 24, 1955, is the eldest daughter of Johnny Cash with his first wife, Vivian Liberto.

Rosanne grew up to be a musician, just like her father. In 1976, Johnny Cash recorded one of her compositions, “Love Has Lost Again,” on his album “One Piece at a Time.” It was Rosanne’s first professionally recorded work as a composer.

Rosanne admitted that she didn’t always think music would be her path. “I didn’t think I could sing,” Rosanne recalled. “And I grew up thinking becoming famous was about the worst thing you could do. You went on the road, you started doing drugs and got divorced and didn’t see your kids, and everything fell apart.”

But Rosanne was able to make a name for herself. In the 1980s, she had several chart-topping singles that crossed musical genres and landed on both the country and pop charts. Her most commercially successful song was her 1981 breakthrough hit “Seven Year Ache.” It topped the U.S. country singles charts and peaked through Top 30 on the U.S. pop singles charts.

Ever since then, she’s been winning awards left and right. In 1985, she took home her first Grammy for her track “I Don’t Know Why You Don’t Want Me.” In 2015, Rosanne won a whopping three Grammy awards. Overall, she has received 12 Grammy nominations. 

Rosanne was also inducted in Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. And recently, it was announced that she had won the 2021 Edward MacDowell Medal for making significant contributions to American culture.

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