Kris Kristofferson Has Officially Retired

“It’s been amazing to dig in to my dad’s catalog and history with this seasoned group of professionals. MHM and Tamara are experts on everything from old Nashville to the up-and-comers, and I can’t imagine a better partnership to bring the full depth of his songwriting to a new generation,” John Kristofferson says. “The name has always been synonymous with songwriting as an art, and we’re excited to reintroduce his work to new and old fans alike. We have many exciting projects in the works, and I look forward to getting them out into the world.”

Included in this news is a note that Kris Kristofferson “officially retired in 2020,” though this announcement about new estate management representation marks the first time the general public is hearing the news. He turns 85 this June.

A Brownsville, Texas, native, Kristofferson played numerous college-level sports at Pomona College, then was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University, which he used to study at Merton College and continue his athletic career there. He also spent time in the United States military, during which he formed a band, and turned down an offer to teach English at West Point in order to pursue songwriting.

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