Throwback To The Gambler Movie Series That Thrilled Us All During The 80s and 90s

Kenny Rogers as The Gambler (1980)

Kenny Rogers as The Gambler first hit the airwaves on April 8, 1980. The made-for-television Old West film was heavily based on one of Rogers’ most cherished songs of all time – the Grammy-award-winning song “The Gambler.” 

The music icon played the role of gambler Brady Hawkes who has seen it all, except for the young son – Jeremiah – he didn’t know about. One day, Hawkes surprisingly received a letter from Jeremiah; so, he set out on a journey to finally meet his child. During his trip, Hawkes crossed paths with the reckless Billy Montana, whom he quickly became friends with.

Montana thinks of himself as a professional gambler, but he keeps making poor judgments along the way, and Hawkes got some very friendly advice for him. 

Though the show was the usual low-budget TV fare, it was well-received and managed to draw plenty of viewers to CBS than any other TV show had in the previous two years.

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