Garth Brooks + Trisha Yearwood Share Advice for a Happy Marriage in Hilarious Song


Asked about the key to a happy marriage, Brooks shared a song that he wrote for the occasion, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar as he delivered a lyric that pretty much every man on Earth can attest is true:


“Never go to bed angry / It ain’t worth the fight / If you’re wise you will compromise / And hold each other tight / You’d better learn to say, ‘Yes, dear’ / Every day and night / Only one thing to remember: The wife is always right,” he sings as Yearwood says, “Yes!”

Not to be outdone, Yearwood has the last word with her own verse:

“He may drive you crazy / With the whistling he does / And after years of training / He ain’t much better than he was / If you wanna have a marriage / Well let me shed some light,” she sings, and Brooks humorously joins her to harmonize as they once again drive home the song’s central theme:

“There’s only one thing to remember: The wife is always right.”

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