Charlie Daniels Jr. Talks About Missing His Dad On Father’s Day

This year marked the first Father’s Day after Charlie’s death. Since he passed away, Charlie Jr. has often paid tribute to him on his various social media accounts. In doing so, he’s kept his father’s legacy alive.

When it came time to remember Charlie on Father’s Day, Charlie Jr. wrote a short and simple message. But that short message contained a wealth of emotion.

Happy Father’s Day in heaven, dad. I miss you like crazy, but I know one day I will see you again. – CD, Jr.” Charlie Jr. said.

Charlie Jr. shared a link to his dad’s music video for the song “Little Folks.” This music video is especially meaningful to Charlie Jr., because he appeared in it.

The video was filmed in 1991, so Charlie Jr. would’ve been 25 or 26 years old at the time. Please enjoy the video below.

Our hearts go out to Charlie Jr. in the aftermath of his first Father’s Day without his dad. We know how much he misses him…

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