The Story Behind The Song: “San Antonio Stroll”

Tanya Tucker
Tanya Tucker

One-time songwriter Peter Noah had never been to San Antonio, Texas and admittedly was at a loss to explain why the phrase “San Antonio stroll” popped into his head. But it did, and he took that phrase and fleshed out a little story to go along with it.

Noah wrote “San Antonio Stroll” in Chicago during the spring of 1972, more than three years before Tanya Tucker released it as a single. Peter was taking college courses by day and performing in small clubs by night. He started writing the song in the parking lot of one of those clubs. Eventually, Noah moved out to Los Angeles to be part of a band. He demoed a version of “San Antonio Stroll” in his living room and after the group broke up, he did some studio work for one of his former bandmates. In return, two of Peter’s songs were recorded, one being “San Antonio Stroll.”

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