The Story Behind The Song: “San Antonio Stroll”

Working from Noah’s original demo, bass, drums and a banjo were added. The mandolin figure was kept in (which was the predominant instrument later on Tanya’s record). The engineer on the session had a connection with Chapell Music Publishing and he took the song over there.

Nothing happened with “San Antonio Stroll” for more than 18 months and though he kept writing songs, Noah also latched onto a job writing questions for a Hawaii-based TV game show called “Diamondhead.” While working on that show, Peter learned that Snuff Garrett intended to record the song with Tanya Tucker in Los Angeles. A few days later, Garrett called Peter in Hawaii telling him how much he loved “San Antonio Stroll,” but that it was a bit too long and asked for permission to edit it for time. Noah agreed but did the re-write himself, shortening the song by combining the second and third verses.

Tucker’s recording of “San Antonio Stroll” followed her previous single, the number one hit “Lizzie And The Rainman,” right to the top of Billboard’s country singles chart on October 25, 1975. Peter Noah was 24 years old at the time and seemingly was on the verge of becoming a top composer. But “San Antonio Stroll” turned out to be his only hit as a songwriter. Five years later, he decided to drop songwriting and turn his attention toward television. He later earned writer/producer credits on several popular television shows during the 1980s.

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