The Strange Story of Loretta Lynn’s Haunted Hurricane Mills Mansion

Lynn’s 19th century home has been the source of reported ghostly apparitions, strange sightings and unexplainable noises. Her daughters reported seeing Confederate soldiers in the home multiple times when they were young. Lynn’s eldest son also recounted a time when a soldier tried to take his boots off while in the notoriously chilling “Brown Room.”

Interestingly enough, the history of the Hurricane Mills property aligns with these reports. After multiple sightings and unexplained occurrences, Lynn learned that the ranch was the site of a Civil War battle. In fact, nineteen Confederate soldiers are said to be buried on the grounds.

The country singer herself says she has seen a woman in mourning on the property, both inside the home and in the graveyard. The ghost is said to be Beula Anderson, who died a century ago from the grief of losing her baby. People who have worked on the property also have tons of stories of unexplained events. It seems to be undisputed  that something strange is going on in the home.

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