Here Is What Happened To Nancy Sepulvado Jones

Nancy Jones Is Still Alive

Despite being a former Hollywood actress and the wife of a super-popular musician, not much is known about Nancy Sepulvado Jones. When her husband was alive, and even after his passing, she managed to keep a low profile, working behind the scenes to support her sweetheart.

We don’t see George Jones’s wife much in public, and there have been all kinds of rumors that she is deceased. Nancy’s passing is highly unlikely as those close to her and George would have announced the news—there isn’t anything to hide about this lovely lady anyway.

Besides, she (or her kin) use the official George Jones Facebook account to make important announcements from time to time, and if something had happened to Nancy, they would have told fans on there.

So, Nancy Jones is very much alive and is seventy-three at the time of writing this.

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