Keith Whitley’s Final Love Letter To Lorrie Morgan

A few days before Keith’s death, he dropped her off at the airport for a promo trip to Alaska. He gave her a card, which was not unusual, but after her husband’s passing just three days later, she said what he wrote was “spooky.”

It read:

“Would you like to know what I wish for you?

‘If I could have any wish I wanted, this is my wish: That in your life which is so precious to me, may worries, troubles and problems never linger. May they only make you that much stronger and able and wise. May you rise each day with sunlight in your heart, success in your path, answers to your prayers, and that smile that I always love to see in your eyes. I love you, Keith.”

She said, “When I read the card on the way back home, I felt like he was trying to tell me something.”

And although her love story with her beloved husband was cut much too short, she is grateful for every day of it.

“I am thankful for those three years, as hard as the bad times were. In those three years I’ve never in my life known love like Keith Whitley showed me,” she said. “A lot of people never experience that. That was a lifetime feeling.”

Watch Lorrie’s tribute performance to her husband, which is mixed with footage from throughout their relationship.

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