Ernest Tubb’s Family Pushes Petition To Save Historic Record Shop

Now, members of Tubb’s family are pushing a petition in the hopes they can save their relative’s historic Record Shop.

Colton Gibson is Tubb’s 14-year-old great-great nephew. He’s one of the main champions of the petition to save the Record Shop.

So much has happened in that record shop, we’d hate to see it become another bar,” Gibson told NewsChannel 5.

Another family member created the petition, while Gibson has been its most vocal promoter. He even has a plan in mind for what could be done with the Record Shop if it remains open:

The record shop, it’s full of history,” he said. “The Country Music Hall of Fame along with that record shop together would make an awesome combination of a museum.

The petition to save the Ernest Tubb Record Shop can be found here. It has over 6,400 signatures as of this writing.

You can learn more about the petition by watching Gibson’s interview below.

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