Patsy Cline Taught Loretta Lynn How to Dress Like a Star — Even in the Bedroom

Patsy Cline dressed and fed Loretta Lynn

Throughout a long career, Lynn has often given credit to Cline for helping her learn the ropes of country music. She caught Cline’s eye early on when she paid tribute to the “Crazy” singer after she was nearly killed in a car accident. From there, a friendship blossomed and Cline started teaching Lynn what she knew.

“She taught June Carter, Dottie West and me so much,” Lynn said per People. “She taught us everything about singin’, about how to act onstage, how to stagger the numbers, how to dress.”

In Lynn’s autobiography, Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner’s Daughter, she revealed Cline often bought them matching clothes. “Many times when she bought something for herself, she would buy me the same thing,” Lynn wrote.

On top of all that, Cline would even invite Lynn over to her house to cook for her. “She was a great human being and a great friend,” Lynn declared.

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