The Story Behind Garth Brooks’ Divorce That Cost Him Millions

Garth Brooks Divorce: What went wrong?

In an ironic twist of fate, Brooks’ decision to lay low from his career in 1999 and become a better father to his three daughters made him realize the worst – that he can no longer be a husband to his wife. The two married in 1986 and finally got divorced in 2001. 

In an interview with Garth Brooks’ first wife for a documentary on her ex-husband, she shared that what did them in was the time they spent apart. As a touring musician, he would be gone for eight to ten weeks, and after that, people would constantly yank and pull him to parties. There were also awards shows that he constantly went to. So, they grew apart really quickly. 

After the documentary was released, Brooks said that he learned a lot from Mahl’s comments. For him, she was phenomenal, but there was just so much going on for him, and there were things she was trying to tell him that he didn’t hear until the biography. 

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