Loretta Lynn Once Revealed a ‘Bowl of Beans’ Was Her Weapon of Choice Against Her Husband: ‘You Can Bet He’d Run’

Loretta Lynn’s friends remembered her anniversary when her husband didn’t

Lynn met Oliver at a pie social when she was a young teenager, and she married him when she was 15 (per People). Throughout their 48-year-marriage, Lynn provided insight into the ups and downs through her songwriting and the books she wrote.

In Me & Patsy Kickin’ Up Dust, Lynn recounted their 15th anniversary and how her friends Patsy Cline and Dottie West brought her lovely gifts. When Cline asked what the couple had planned, Lynn fibbed and told them Oliver had something special in store.

As Lynn recalled, West told her she deserved a nice dinner, and Cline added that was especially true for staying in her marriage as long as she had. Lynn said she laughed at first but began to hope for a gesture of romance from her longtime love.

That night, she placed dinner on the table and waited for Oliver to come home. And when he did, he was dirty from work and unaware of the occasion.

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