The Story Behind The Song: “Old Hippie”/ “Kids Of The Baby Boom”

The Bellamy Brothers
The Bellamy Brothers

When David Bellamy wrote “Old Hippie,” he had no idea that he was serving as a spokesperson, for part of the “thirtysomething” generation. In fact, it took brother Howard to persuade him that they should record it. And it took MCA division, chief Jimmy Bowen to decide that “Old Hippie” should be a single.

Weaving together pieces of nostalgia – Woodstock, John Lennon’s death, the Vietnam war – “Old Hippie” depicted an aging relic of the ‘60s, grappling with his own physical changes, and the movements that altered his society. 

After the song reached #2, the Bellamys waited about a year and a half, before recording “Kids Of The Baby Boom,” a tune David frequently referred to as “Son of Old Hippie.” David says “Kids Of The Baby Boom” basically consisted of lines that were left over from “Old Hippie.”

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