The Story Behind The Bellamy Brothers’ “Do You Love As Good As You Look”

The Bellamy Brothers
The Bellamy Brothers

They pre-dated Ted Danson’s “Cheers” character, Sam Malone, by several years, but a few of the Bellamy Brothers’ early records were well-suited for Malone’s playful vocabulary. “If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me” might not have won applause from the National Organization For Women, but it did set up a humorous tongue-in-cheek image for Howard and David.

In an interview with Pat Harris of “Country Song Roundup” Magazine, David Bellamy emphatically stated that he and Howard would never “put women down.” They called their style a “romantic suggestivity.” In fact, David said they would often get complimentary letters from women, thanking them for writing songs like that because they’re so romantic.

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