The Story Behind The Song: “If Hollywood Don’t Need You”

(written by Bob McDill)

Don Williams (#1, 1983)

Don Williams appeared in two movies over the course of his career, both of which also featured appearances by Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed. Don’s number one hit “Tulsa Time” made the soundtrack of Universal’s 1980 release “Smokey and the Bandit II.” Five years earlier, Williams made his silver screen debut with 20th Century Fox’s “W. W. & The Dixie Dancekings,” a movie that also established his hat as a personal trademark.

Don had worn hats very little prior to his appearance in that film but, little by little, he grew accustomed to it and soon wore the hat everywhere he went during the remainder of his career.
Don hung his hat on top of an early-model radio on the cover of 1982’s “Listen to the Radio” album. MCA released the title track and “Mistakes” as the first two singles, each peaking at #3. The third, “If Hollywood Don’t Need You,” conjured up images of Williams’ occasional film forays.

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