Country Music Legend Gene Watson Grew Up In Rural Texas

Gene's brothers, sisters and family members
Gene’s brothers, sisters and family members

Country Music Legend Gene Watson ’s dad worked as a farm laborer from Texas to Arkansas.
Watson wasn’t shy as he talked about living in a school bus while growing up and how he went on to make his living as a country music star.
From ‘Farewell Party’ to ’Fourteen Carat Mind,” the country crooner has created some classics. Watson was born in Palestine, Texas, and raised in Paris, Texas.


“For a big portion of my time I was raised in a school bus and my dad loved to follow the crops. And I’ve done, I’ve just about done it all. I’ve picked cotton. I’ve pulled bolls. In fact, people don’t know what pulling bolls is. That’s pulling the entire – not just the cotton, but the boll itself,” he said.
The singing gene runs deep in the Watson family, who would sing as a group in church.

Watson would sing even when no one else was listening.
“Singing was a first nature happening for me. I mean that was something that I didn’t take, you know, serious at all. Because, no matter what line of work I was going to be doing, even setting up on the seat of that tractor, you know, I was singing,” Watson said.

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