Connie Smith and Marty Stuart — Country’s Greatest Love Stories

The couple married in 1997, after dating three years, and they’ve learned a lot about love and marriage in their almost two decades as husband and wife.

“Make the Lord the center … and commit,” says Smith.

“Oh, I agree with that 100 percent,” Stuart adds. “You have to get up every day and go to work on it. When we get upside down every now and then, we always say: ‘You want to go again?!’

“Turn the TV off,” Stuart continues. “Turn the gadgets off, and the conversation comes back.”

And another very simple bit of advice: “Leave the star s–t at the gate!”

Stuart also says his wife has taught him some important lessons: “With Connie, I have learned about balancing love and music. She puts a whole lot more emphasis on family life than I ever did, and she’s been a great sense of balance to me.”

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