Charley Pride Dispels Rumors About His Death

Over the weekend, a few well-meaning fans of Charley Pride read way too much into a post on WikiObits, a crowdsourced website which allows fans to contribute to obituaries of still-living celebrities.

The Sledge, Mississippi-born country singer’s page, which clearly states that he’s still alive, had some fans hastily posting tributes.
It was more a misunderstanding than a death hoax, and fortunately it didn’t spread as fast as past false reports about Willie Nelson.

That said, Pride’s publicity team at 2911 media saw fit to film a message from Pride and share it on social media. The 15-second clip proves that the 86-year-old legend’s alive, sporting a quarantine beard and itching to perform live after the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic subsides.

“Hi fans, I’d just like to inform you that I’m looking forward to coming back on the road after this virus,” Pride says in footage filmed at his Dallas, Texas home. “And I’m sorry you’ve been hearing all of these rumors and everything, but I’m still here.”

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