The sad history of the Judd family

The Judd family
The Judd family

They are one of country music’s most enigmatic families, with another member on Hollywood’s A-List, to boot. Collectively known as “The Judds,” Wynonna and Naomi Judd became one of the most popular country acts of the 1980s. The living legends were even honored with an exhibit in the Country Music Hall of Fame, but all was not cowboy boots and love songs. And then there’s Ashley Judd, the Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress who became an activist and pillar of the #MeToo movement.

The Judds’ lives are an ever evolving story of perseverance, a true testament to human strength that started long before fame. Over the years they’ve shared their emotional struggle through interviews and memoirs (or, in the less fortunate cases, it was caught by the tabloids). Though they’ve been through the ringer one thing is true: the Judds always come out the other side swinging. This is the sad, tragic story of the Judds.

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