Hank Williams and Audrey: Inside Their Lovesick Romance

Hank Williams and Audrey
Hank Williams and Audrey

Despite his short 29 years of life, Hank Williams left an undeniable legacy on the music world as one of the most influential country music artists of all time. We can partially credit that success to his first wife Audrey Williams, who helped manage Williams’ career and was the inspiration behind many of his hit songs. 

Audrey Mae Sheppard was born in Banks, Alabama in 1923. When she was just a senior in high school she married her first husband, James Erskine Guy, but the marriage was short-lived. They separated after their only child, Lycrecia, was born in 1941.

A couple of years later, Audrey met an aspiring musician by the name of Hank Williams and they fell in love. Audrey convinced Hank to move to Montgomery with her so that they could start a band together and Hank could start performing on the radio. 

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