Best Country Trucking Songs of All Time

Trucking is often an unforgiving profession: long hours of tedium in an 18 wheeler, propped up in a seat that is destined to ruin your back and underappreciated by the consumers; not to mention the miles of bad road with nothing to see. It’s no wonder that an entire sub-genre of music has evolved to help truckers tell their stories and gain a little recognition. Many of the singers bemoan being away from home and their families, and others the never-ending highway. Coffee, cops, and tragedy all figure heavily in trucking songs.

The first truck driving songs date all the back to the 50s, but it wasn’t until the 60s that the American trucker sub-genre started to come into its own. Some of country music’s most famous stars have made contributions to the subgenre, while others (like The Road Hammers) seem to do nothing but sing about trucking. Here are the ten best trucking songs of all time (in our opinion) to add to your country playlist.

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