What Is Blake Shelton ‘s Net Worth? How “The Voice” Coach Earned Millions

He grosses $1 million per concert.

Born in Ada, OK, Shelton began singing and writing songs when he was in high school. During one of Shelton’s early performances, the late songwriter Mae Boren Axton took notice of the young star and encouraged him to pursue a career in music.

When he was 17, Shelton packed his bags and moved to Nashville, TN, with the goal of becoming a country star. There, Axton helped Shelton get on his feet by getting him a job as a house painter and connected him with people in the country music industry, including songwriter and producer Bobby Braddock.

In 2001, Braddock helped Shelton get a record deal with Giant Records, and he recorded his song “Austin” which rose to number one on Billboard’s country singles chart and to 18 on the Hot 100 listing. That same year, Warner Bros. picked up Shelton’s contract and he released his first album “Blake Shelton.” The debut album became the No. 3 country album in 2001 and Shelton’s fame soared.

At 44, Shelton has released 11 albums over the years, with 55 songs reaching Billboard’s Hot 100. Of those songs, 35 reached top 10 on the list, and 27 earned the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. The country star has sold more than 10 million albums, 35 million singles, and reportedly grosses $1 million per concert.

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