Ed Harris + Amy Madigan: Inside Their 37-Year Love Story

Amy Madigan was immediately taken with the actor, who had moved to LA after attending Columbia University in New York.
“It was like something you see in a movie or hear in a song,” she told Life Magazine in 1985. “I just thought–‘Well, there he is.’ It was obvious to me that I’d see him again.”

And she was right. The following year they officially met on the set of a play they starred in together. Harris complimented her socks (quite the pick-up line) and eventually, they were dating. Two years later, they tied the knot while they were starring together in the 1983 film Places in the Heart. They were married in Waxahachie, Texas by a Justice of the Peace. Both of their careers were thriving just like their love lives. Two years after their marriage, the couple starred together again in Alamo Bay. Harris told the Chicago Tribune that the couple loved performing together, finding it brought them closer together.

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