Blake Shelton Opens Up About Wedding Plans with Gwen Stefani in 2021

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Radio interviews may not be as trendy as they were before, but they can still be considered gems. As topics can sometimes go ‘out of hand’ like how the K92.3 talk with Blake Shelton slowly shifted from the Ole Red Restaurant he’s managing to something quite personal — his engagement with The Voice coach Gwen Stefani and an upcoming save the date in 2021. From a dodgy Blake Shelton, he becomes someone unafraid to drop the big guns by facing ‘that’ question head-on.


Things Blake Shelton Loves

It all started when Shelton started sharing about the three things he loves to do namely country music, drinking, and eating. If there’s something related to having a good time and shifting focus where those three could be simultaneously enjoyed, that would be his newly established eatery/music venue, Ole Red restaurant. Shelton shares how he envisions it for the future and how he wanted certain aesthetics to work out with his music.

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