6 Lessons We Learned From Watching ‘Reba’

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Reba McEntire‘s sitcom, Reba, was an unexpected hit right off the bat. Not only was it the most popular show on the network during its debut season, but it also generated a loyal fanbase who loved tuning in to see the country star and her onscreen family every week for six seasons.


The show followed single mom Reba Hart, her ex-husband played by Christopher Rich, his mistress played by Melissa Peterman, and Reba’s three children — Cheyenne (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) and Jake (Mitch Holleman). It also featured Cheyenne’s loveable, goofy boyfriend Van Montgomery (Steve Howey). Sadly, the show was canceled after the WB became the CW, but we still got tons of laughs and feel-good moments from those six seasons.

Here are some of the best life lessons the show taught us during its time on the air.

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