Patty Loveless + Emory Gordy Jr: Inside their Love Story

Parry Loveless and Emory Gordy Jr
Parry Loveless and Emory Gordy Jr

Sometimes, elevator music can turn into wedding bells — at least, that’s the case with Patty Loveless and her husband, Emory Gordy Jr. The couple met in an elevator at MCA Records, but at the time, it wasn’t love at first sight.

“He had on some white overalls and I thought, ‘THIS guy is a producer?'” Loveless recalls. She thought Gordy Jr. looked more like a painter … and he wasn’t necessarily struck by Loveless either, thinking, “This mousy little thing is a artist?”

Nonetheless, they began secretly dating, and Gordy Jr. proposed in 1987. However, it didn’t go exactly the way he’d planned.

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