Things You Never Knew About Tanya Tucker


She missed her first CMA Awards win.

In 1991, Tucker was named the CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year, after being nominated six previous times. However, she had just given birth to her son Beau Grayson and missed the ceremony.


A Tennessee state senator co-wrote her Glen Campbell tribute.

In 2017, after country icon and Tucker’s former boyfriend Glen Campbell died, she released a song called “Forever Loving You” in his honor. Not only was the song her first single since 2009, it was also co-written by Michael Lynn Rogers Rusty Crowe, a musician who is also a senator in the state of Tennessee.

She’s in love like never before …

.. and she’s known him since they were both teenagers! In early 2020, Tucker shared that she began dating singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham in Summer 2019, but the two first met nearly 50 years prior, at a Texas radio station, when they were both starting out in country music. She went onto superstardom, while he made a career in the regional scene.


“If it ain’t him, I’m done,” Tucker says of Dillingham.

And, she can thank Lee Ann Womack for that romantic reunion.

According to Tucker, Dillingham and Womack’s husband, producer Frank Liddell, are good friends, and the couple decided to play matchmaker. Womack invited Dillingham to a concert she and Tucker were playing together — and, well, clearly it worked out!

She’s a 14-time Grammy Awards nominee.

With her four nominations at the 2020 Grammy Awards, Tucker brought her lifetime Grammy nods tally to 14. The night of the big show, she won her first two Grammys trophies ever.

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