George Jones Shares In 1996 Autobiography How His Wife, Nancy Sepulvado, Saved Him

George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado
George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado

Both George Jones and Nancy Sepulvado were divorced when they met in 1981, and Nancy wasn’t even a fan of George’s music at the time. But she still decided to go with a friend to hear him play at a festival in New York one day, and that decision changed her life, and George’s.

A mere matter of seconds into George’s performance, Nancy quickly changed her mind about the “Grand Tour” singer.

“My God, he walked on stage and the crowd goes wild,” Nancy told The Tennessean. “And that voice. I thought, ‘How is that coming out of that man’s mouth? Dang, he’s good.’“

Two years later, the woman who once was not a fan of George’s music became his wife. The couple married on March 4, 1983 in Woodville, Texas, at the home of George’s sister Helen Scroggins.

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