Barbara Mandrell met her husband when she was just 14: Now shares the secret to their happy and lasting relationship

Barbara Mandrell and Ken Dudney
Barbara Mandrell and Ken Dudney

Nicknamed “The Sweetheart of Steel”, Barbara Mandrell has done so much for country music and the Nashville sound. And in addition to being a fantastic singer, she also seems to be a very nice and caring person.

Today, this icon has reached the age of 72 -– but that isn’t stopping her from shining like the star she is!

Barbara Mandrell grew up in Los Angeles and was born with music in her veins. Barbara could read piano notes before she learned English. At the age of 5 she learned how to play the accordcion and as an 11-year-old she sang in a show in Las Vegas.

There was never any doubt about which path Barbara would take in life – music was everything, right from the start.

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