Meet Kenny Rogers’ Twin Sons, Justin and Jordan

In 2016, Kenny Rogers included both boys on his The Gambler’s Last Deal tour in order to create more memories with them.

“My goal is to spend some time with them and take them to some places they might not have gone to without me. So, they can look back someday and say, ‘My dad took me there.’ That, to me, is my legacy to them,” the star shared with Rare Country about his wishes.

Kenny joked that he’d “have to retire sooner” if he took them on every date of the tour. Instead, Justin and Jordan tagged along on the overseas tour stops.

He added, “We’re going to take them just to the unique places.”

In addition to travel, Kenny Rogers’ twins have also been exposed to their father’s other passion— photography. As kids, they went to Africa on a safari and were given cameras to take pictures.

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