Meet Kenny Rogers’ Widow, Wanda Miller Rogers

The Beginning

Everything about this ‘how’d you meet’ story makes you believe in fate. While in college, Wanda worked as a hostess at Pricci Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. She just happened to have a shift the night Kenny Rogers came in for dinner. Rogers was meeting a blind date that night. The blind date didn’t work out, and later that evening Rogers called the restaurant and asked about Wanda. He left his phone number with one of Wanda’s co-workers. She told The Valdosta Daily Times, “I came in the next day and they all said, ‘Kenny Rogers called asking about you.’ Initially, she didn’t believe her co-workers and thought it was a joke so she threw the phone number away. After much persuasion, her co-workers finally convinced her it was real. She returned his call and they started dating. In an interview with People, Rogers shared, “She had the most beautiful smile. I just had to meet her.” 

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