Why Does Marty Stuart Always Wear a Scarf?

Marty Stuart
Marty Stuart

When you think of Marty Stuart, you’re probably instantly transported back to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, when his songs like “Hillbilly Rock” and “Western Girls” hovered near the top of the country music charts. Over the course of his decades-long music career, Marty has certainly cemented himself as one of the greatest country music legends. But although some of his music is well-known, there is still a bit of an air of mystery about him.

There’s another thing that instantly comes to mind when you think of Marty Stuart, and that’s his iconic scarf. He’s wearing one in pretty much every single picture and on all of his tours. So, what gives? Why does Marty Stuart always wear a scarf? Here’s what we know.

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