Kenny Rogers’ Wife: How The Late Country Star Found Love With Wanda Miller

Rogers first set eyes on Miller while eating at a restaurant called Pricca in Atlanta, Georgia on a blind date. Miller, who was 26 at the time, worked at the restaurant as a hostess, and according to The Valdosta Times, had been chatting with a co-worker that day about not being able to meet her special man. The co-worker reportedly told her that her “knight” would arrive soon, and that same day, Rogers walked in. After he saw Miller at the restaurant, Rogers called the establishment asking about her and told them to give her his number. Miller couldn’t believe what awaited her at work the next day.

“I came in the next day and they all said, ‘Kenny Rogers called asking about you,'” she told the publication. “They gave me a piece of paper with a number on it. I threw it away. I thought it was a joke. They dug it out of the trash and said it was for real.”

“I called him back but I never thought I would date him,” she added.

However, Miller’s tune soon changed and the two dated for five years before getting married, but their relationship was not without its challenges. One of the obstacles Rogers and Miller had to overcome was their age difference. Rogers was 28 years older than Miller, which initially spelled a problem for Miller’s parents.

“Her parents are two years younger than me,'” Rogers once told Fox News (quote via MSN). “They called me when we started dating and said, ‘We want you to know we didn’t appreciate what you’re doing with our daughter,’ and I said, ‘First of all I don’t blame you. I don’t think I would either but I will make you a promise. I will never lie to her and I will never lie to you.'”

Rogers added that he and Miller’s parents later became “best friends.”

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