The Story Behind The Song: “’Til I Gain Control Again” – Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle
Crystal Gayle

In 1982, Crystal Gayle left Columbia Records and signed with Electra, intending to form an association with a smaller label that could provide more personal attention. But ironically, in January of 1983, she found herself at a large company again. Electra merged with Warner Bros. and suddenly she was back on a huge artist roster.

At the time, Crystal had released her first Electra solo recording, “’Til I Gain Control Again,” a song Rodney Crowell had composed in 1976 while a member of Emmylou Harris’ Hot Band. It was one of the first songs he wrote, a personal breakthrough after deciding to make songwriting a major vocation in his music career.

Even before “’Til I Gain Control Again” emerged as a single with Crystal Gayle, it touched plenty of his fellow musicians. It’s the most frequently-recorded of Crowell’s compositions, cut by Harris, Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings and Crowell himself, among others. Bobby Bare released it as a single in 1979, reaching #42.

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