Alan Jackson Says ‘Country Music Is Gone,’ and He’s Not Happy About It

Alan Jackson
Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson doesn’t mince words when he shares his thoughts on the current landscape of country music.

As a traditionalist who built his career on a collection of classic country songs like “Drive,” “Remember When” and “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning,” Jackson says the format is nearly unrecognizable to him in its current state.

“Country music is gone — and it’s not coming back,” he insists.

“It’s like the 1980s again. I’m 62 years old; I’m not some 30-year-old stud. It’s not the same, but somebody has to bring it back, because it’s not just people in their 50s, it’s people in their 20s, too,” the country icon continues in an interview with HITS Daily Double.

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