The Story Behind The Song: “Someday When Things Are Good”

Merle Hggard & Leona Williams
Merle & Leona

Although their marriage was a rocky one, Merle Haggard was always willing to listen to his wife Leona Williams’ songs. Leona didn’t play very many for him – only the ones that she felt were good enough for Merle to record. She idolized Haggard’s singing long before they were married and it was always her dream to have one of her songs recorded by him.

In later years, Merle ended up cutting several of Leona’s compositions, and the two that were released as singles both reached number one on Billboard’s country chart: “You Take Me For Granted” and “Someday When Things Are Good,” each based loosely on their own relationship as a couple.

Williams wrote the latter song during a time of heavy frustration. Her marriage had turned into a difficult chore, but Leona had resolved herself to just accept it, although she thought about leaving Merle several times before making the decision to stay and make the best of the bad situation.


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