Marty Stuart and Connie Smith: A Love Story Years in the Making

Country music icons Marty Stuart and Connie Smith married in 1997, but their history goes way back to their younger years…

Marty Stuart and Connie Smith
Marty Stuart and Connie Smith

Marty Stuart and Connie Smith first crossed paths when he was just 12-years old! Connie was performing in his hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi. After meeting her, Marty told his mother then that he was going to marry the country star.

“She was my mother’s favorite singer. We had a record of her at our house called ‘Miss Smith Goes to Nashville.’ It had a beautiful photograph of her on the cover,” Stuart shared in a past an interview. “I thought she was the prettiest girl in the world, so I had my mama take me to buy me a yellow shirt, so Connie would notice me that night”.

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