George Strait’s faith traces its roots back to his humble upbringing. The beloved country artist grew up in a religious household headed by his father, John Byron Strait, who was also a Texas rancher and school math teacher. When George was in the fourth grade, his parents divorced and his mother, Doris Jean Couser, relocated with daughter Pency. George and his brother John Jr. were then raised by their father.

“My dad, of course, raised my brother and me on his own, and he raised us in a real religious atmosphere,” he shared in a past interview. “We’re all Baptists, and he always told me that the Lord would tell me what He wanted me to do with my life; and I kind of believe that’s really true. So I didn’t worry about it much, didn’t think about it that much.”

The star’s songs “Three Nails And A Cross,” the ninth track from his album Here For A Good Time, and “I Saw God Today” further demonstrate George Strait’s faith. Through his rock-solid marriage to his hometown sweetheart, Norma, his devotion to his son Bubba, and his personal belief system, George has been able to successfully navigate life’s ups and downs.

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