The Story Behind The Song: “I Love You More Today” – Conway Twitty

Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty

In 1970, Conway Twitty named L. E. White to manage his publishing company – Twitty Bird Music. White had several important duties: to write songs for Twitty, screen tunes from other composers and sign new songwriters for Conway’s publishing venture. Although L. E. was not expecting this appointment, it represented a culmination of his personal songwriting desires.

White had been a fan of Twitty ever since Conway’s 1965 decision to veer away from rock and pursue a country music career. L. E. studied him in earnest for about eight months, deciding along the way that Conway’s singing was perfect for the type of songs he wanted to write – and felt he could write.

L. E. composed ten songs that he believed were suited to Conway’s newly-developed “country” style. White lived in Knoxville, Tennessee and when Twitty performed a concert there, L. E. took the demos of his songs and introduced himself to the artist. Conway listened intently to White’s material, and then (much to L. E.’s surprise), he quickly announced, “These two right here will be my next two singles.” They were “To See My Angel Cry” and “I Love You More Today.”

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