Free Land: 10 Small Towns in the US that Are Giving Them Away

Free Land US

Free land in the modern age where everything has a price tag attached to it? Yes, it’s true! Back in 1862, the US government created the Homestead Act, an initiative that facilitated and granted lands – a total of 270 million acres – in the western region of the country, which was legal until the 1980s. 


Today, there are still free lands given away by small towns to entice businesses and increase economic diversity. These are not exactly catch-free processes, but you will definitely save up a lot. Let’s take a look at which towns offer free land in the US. 

Mankato, Kansas

Located in Jewell County in north-central Kansas, Mankato is a small town with just over 900 people. It currently offers 26 lots on the east side of the community laid out on a beautiful horseshoe-shaped drive. The lots are located close to everything you need – hospital, high school, steakhouse, shopping center – so no need to worry.


If you’re in for some peace with a bit of small town fun, then you can check these lots out. You can check here for more detailed information. 

Lincoln, Kansas

Another Kansas town on the list, the picturesque Lincoln is bigger than Mankato, with a population of 3,500 with rolling hills and a quaint downtown. The charming town may be old, but they’re definitely not going to be left out in the development. The council invested around $600,000 in a subdivision development just near the town’s baseball field and a couple of major shopping centers. 

The lots are all ready for a home and will be given away to the first 21 qualified applicants. So if you’re thinking of starting a new chapter in Lincoln, you can check out the details here.

Curtis, Nebraska

Also known as the “Easter City,” Curtis, Nebraska, has a small population of about a thousand with incredibly wide lot offerings for single-family homes, all located along paved roads. Aside from the free lands, there are also free commercial and industrial lots and start-up funds for business. 


If you’re interested, you can visit their website here to know more about their generous relocation incentives.

Claremont, Minnesota

A small town in Southern Minnesota in Dodge County, Claremont offers free land for those who meet its gross income requirement. For a family of two or less, you need to have a gross income of $84,200. For families of three or more, the required gross income is $96,830.

If you qualify with the income requirements, you just need to pay a $1,000 application fee to get a hold of these free lands. Check the details here

New Richland, Minnesota

If you love Minnesota and you love the outdoors and adventure, then getting a free land here would be the absolute best for you. Home to around 1,200 residents, New Richland offers free lands in their brand new suburb with a manageable cost for development. 


Looking to enjoy trails, lakes, and some golf? You can apply for free property here

Marquette, Kansas

Kansas is definitely one of the biggest sources of free land in the United States. And the extraordinary town of Marquette offers free lands for families where they can settle down. And as a small town, they also enjoy beautiful rolling fields set against sunset views. 

The lots feature new suburban-style development, and the requirements are plain and simple. Check out all the details here

Flagler, Colorado

Just 110 miles east of Denver, Flagler is the next stop for all those with big business dreams. This small town of just about 650 people boasts a generous offering of amenities, so everything you need and want is within reach. And they have allotted 480 acres of land for businesses, and the amount of land you will receive will depend on the number of jobs your business will generate.


If you’re the entrepreneurial type, then this could be the opportunity you’re looking for. You can check out and learn more about the program on their website here

Marne, Iowa

The town of Marne in Iowa is facing a dramatic decline in population after the number of family-owned farms decreased. And so, they’re trying to win residents by giving out free lots provided that within 18 months, you can build a home not smaller than 1,200 square feet. There are lots of green grass and the town is peaceful and quiet. 

You can check out their program here, although it looks like the program has been suspended for the time being. But best to contact the town for the most updated information.

Elwood, Nebraska

Elwood, a small village located in the southern portion of Nebraska, definitely screams the ‘quintessential small town.’ It has an old-fashioned feel with an Art-Deco style courthouse and local stores. 


So if you love that homey small town vibe, then you just need to make a $500 payment to get the deed with your name. Then just make sure to follow the construction requirements here, and you’re good to go. 

Plainville, Kansas

And again from Kansas is the city of Plainville, located in Rooks County, and houses a population of 2000. And yes, they’re looking to grow their community, so they’re offering free land. When you apply for land here, you would meet the council and also pay a $500 deposit which will be returned once the lot has been awarded to you. 

Check out their website here and learn more about the free land program.